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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Rimoi Game Reserve

Tucked away in the scenic Elgeyo Marakwet County is the little-known Rimoi Game Reserve, home to East and Central Africa’s largest herd of elephants. The reserve is 40 kilometers from Iten town. To access the reserve, one uses the meandering Iten-Kabarnet road that offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

The elephants at the reserve move together in a group of about 100, compared to other elephant herds that move in pairs, or in a group of three or five. Also found in the park are smaller mammals such as dik dik, impala, bush pig, warthog, monkeys, baboons, civet, genet, and pangolin. Reptiles include tortoise, variety of lizards and many snakes, there are also huge variety of bird species.
Rimoi Reserve is also home to other unique wildlife that includes the world’s rare white crocodile at the campsite along Kerio River. The crocodile witnessed a decline in population due to interference in the habitat by human activity.
 The reserve has been established by wildlife scientists as a breeding ground for elephants that trout to the sanctuary from neighboring Turkana and Samburu counties. The Elephants found in Rimoi graze mainly at night and shelter under riverine bushes because of the sweltering heat in Kerio Valley. A visitor to the reserve should look out for the elephants in these bushes along the rivers, or at night when they roam freely in the reserve. However, one must be cautious as any slightest provocation sparks ire from these wild animals.
The County Government of Elgeyo Marakwet and Kenya Wildlife Service have moved in to rehabilitate the reserve and restocked with buffalos, giraffes, water bucks, zebras, gazelles and impalas. Rangers and a warden to increase security surveillance and the infrastructural development completed. The Reserve has been fence to ward off poachers and also reduce human wildlife conflict

View of Rimoi Game Reserve