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Monday, 14 January 2013

North Rift Tourist circuit - Alltime Safaris welcomes you to the beauty and culture of Keiyo People

Welcome to Keiyo! The land of ravine, the landscape is breathtaking stretching from Metkei to Iten. Waterfalls cascade over the gigantic escarpment and provide beautiful scenery viewed from the roads that meander across the valley, from Kabarnet in Baringo to Iten in high bird’s eye view. You will be in a position to see the escarpment from top of the hill.

The lavish canopy of acacia trees around the Kerio Valley, chirping birds, wildlife and three different weather patterns combines beauty with a rich agricultural and cultural heritage.
The climate ranges from the cold of Iten to heat of Cheplooch and the moderate temperatures in the valley itself. Elgeyo-Marakwet County is a major attraction site in North rift that everyone is invited to visit throughout the year.
The weather around the valley can be cool and breezy in the mornings and evenings but often turns hot and windy for most of the afternoons.
Kerio Valley, one of the landmark features of the Great Rift, descends 4,000 ft, and is near the towns of Kabarnet, Fluorspar. (Kenya Fluorspar Mining Company, which has been operating in the region for years, is the only one in East and Central Africa exporting fluoride minerals to Europe and the Far East), Eldoret and Iten, about 500km from Nairobi.
Tourists will experience an aesthetic beauty and sporting heritage which have made the county a cut above the rest of tourists’ sites. There is a very beautiful landscape and historical sites like the natural caves where the people used to hide during cattle rustling, beautiful camping sites, and athletic training sites because of the high altitude in Kamariny areas adjacent to Keiyo view hotel. Athletes have exhibited in seeking training opportunities in the high altitude areas. The windy weather between January and March make the region one of the world’s favourite paragliding zones.
Kerio Valley is where world class runners live and train, but it also attracts townspeople who go camping. Because of the topography and altitude, sports have found the place ideal for bicycle racing, watching the safari rally and for paragliding; the best spots in the world and it will be harnessed soon
One can choose to look to areas other than the Coast where white sandy beaches, sunshine and warm temperatures are the main attractions; tourists will have every reason to visit into this striking vicinity.
The region is conducive for the sport because the skies are clear and we do not have many aircraft flying over the valley, and gliders can ascend thousands of feet without a worry
Tourists lounging in the breezy gardens sit for hours watching paragliders take to the skies and try out some daring stunts. Besides the valley’s scenic grandeur, the region also offers the cultural heritage of the Kalenjin sub tribes of the Keiyo and Marakwet. Cultural tourists get a chance to taste traditional delicacies such as mursik (sour milk), boiled and peppered meat, and the community’s special honey beer.
For visitors, resorts such as Kerio View, Lelin Camp, Sego Lodge, AIC Cheptebo Conference Centre. A tour of the county would be incomplete without a visit to the Rimoi Game Reserve home to thousands of species of Rift Valley’s flora and fauna; the reserve boasts a variety of animals including elephants, buffalos and dikdiks. There are also impalas, monkeys, baboons, and different birds alongside crocodiles in the Kerio River.

Keiyo Valley stretches to the Hills of Cherangani along
Rimoi Game Reserve


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